On social networks, what the King Charles III would have told the deceased Lady Di in 1994, so that he would stop asking for privacy, since the now monarch did not want to have any relationship with the iconic Princess.

A little less than two months after the death of the Queen isabel II last year, in the United Kingdom a controversial book inspired by the life and work of Carlos III was published; ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’.

In said book, the difficult relationship that he, now the King, had with the Princess Diana, The same one that had to go through humiliating moments thanks to the rejection of her husband.

From fights, mistreatment, infidelity and other humiliations, the Princess of Wales lived while she was married to the now husband of Camilla Parker.

However, there was a moment that exceeded the limits, and where Diana was finally able to confirm that King Carlos III no longer wanted anything with her.

In the midst of a great discussion that both had for the denial of Carlos III of being intimate with the Princess, the monarch dared to tell her sarcastically that he was Gay.

“I don’t know dear, I think (I) might be gay.”

That’s how he told it Christopher Andersen, author of the book and who had access to secret information from various people close to the Royal family.

According to Andersen, the King He no longer had any interest in Lady Di. She chased him everywhere, while he ignored her and looked for all kinds of excuses to get away from her.

This all happened after the baby was born. prince harry in the year 19984. From then on, the current King Charles III He did not want to have any kind of sexual contact with the Princess Diana, something that made her plunge into a deep depression that she solved by looking for several lovers.