He king charles II It continues to generate a lot of controversy on social networks, and it is that with the most recent measure that he has taken against his son the prince harry and his daughter-in-law, the actress Meghan Markle, his direct objective was to support his brother the Prince Andrew, He is being investigated for allegedly abusing a minor and for being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

The Dukes of Sussex Now they are witnesses of how King Carlos III has decided to evict them from Frogmore Cottage, his residence in the United Kingdom to hand over that place to Prince Andrew.

This, despite all the scandal that the youngest son of the deceased Queen isabel II It has been generated by its dark secret that we all already know. Andrew had been stripped of all his royal titles, because of the serious accusations that a woman made against him, where she stated that the Duke of York he sexually abused her when she was a minor.

And not only that, his image and accusation have been directly linked to the millionaire scandal Jeffrey Epstein, who was a very good friend of his and with whom he would have had contact with other young women for sexual pleasures.

But now, his brother and monarch of the United Kingdom, has come to save him and not leave him homeless, so he has decided to send his youngest son and daughter-in-law to help his brother despite his scandal as abuser.

Immediately, the social networks They have considered the action of Carlos III as “deplorable”, since he is directly helping someone who has been linked to scandals of sexual abuse. However, it seems that he does not care in the least about that and prefers to evict the prince harry from your home in the country.

And you, what do you think of the decision that the King Charles III has taken to support the Prince Andrew?