He King Charles III He seriously suffers the rejection of millions of Britons who do not want the coronation to take place, also informed that there are many people who do not agree with giving him the oath of allegiance that he himself has requested.

King Carlos III and wife the queen consort Camilla Parker they will become the highest monarchs of the United Kingdom in the next 3 days, the next May 6th. For that moment, the presence of millions of relatives very close to royalty has been cited, who will be able to see the entire journey of blessing and anointing of the king and queen in the expected event.

However, after many controversies in the royal family, the reception as the new monarch of the British country has not been as well received by the people as he expected, and it is not for less because of the lack of closeness that he has with his son. prince harryin the same way by those people who would be thinking that it is something “useless” to make this type of policy in the century XXI.

Well, this is how it has been requested that, through the ceremonial act, the people who are observing the moment swear the loyalty agreed and promised to King Carlos III, expressing: «I swear that I will pay true loyalty to His Majesty and to his heirs and successors in accordance with the law. So help me God.”

However, a media survey Express UKwhere it was questioned if they would be willing to swear allegiance to King Carlos III in the public event, has discovered that around 52% of surveyed readers do not intend to participate of the loyalty oath.

For her part, the spokeswoman for the archbishop’s office, Lambeth Palace reported: «Our hope is that at that moment, when the archbishop invites people to come together, that people wherever they are, whether they are watching at home on their own, watching television, will say it out loud: this feeling of a great shout across the country and around the world in support of the King«.

In any case, important media will be witnessing the event at all times, and it will be possible to discover how this event is finally carried out.