the memories of prince harry Soon to be published worldwide, the book, believed to have been published in error five days before its scheduled official release, has many media outlets clamoring for copies of the book, where some of the most controversial issues can be found. of the British royal family.

Due, “Spare«became the main topic of the international media, and as expected, the British royal family did not like it at all, so the first forceful decision was already made due to the facts that are reported in some of the pages .

Was the King Charles III who made the drastic decision to remove the Dukes of Sussex from the guest list at one of his most important events in decades, his coronation, all this after learning what his son said in his autobiography.

Everything is ready for the King Charles III of Great Britain is crowned in a ceremony, which has not been held for 50 years. But first, the last touches to the striking jewel of the event cannot be missing, the Crown and the entire team of the royal family revealed all the details of the ceremony, so much so that there is already a date for the celebration, an event that all members will attend. of royalty and members of the royal family, with the exception of prince harry Y Meghan Markle.

All this is due to the first serious consequence that the prince harry for what is stated in his bookSpare«, and for the important launch of the documentary series where he and his wife are also found, Meghan Markle, which has been released in Netflix.

In these accounts they criticize the history of life in the palace and how they were treated by the brother and father of the prince harry in past years, criticizing that it was not a family but an institution. Apparently, all the revelations have caused the monarch pain, who decided to completely separate his son from all coronation activities.