He King Carlos III, current monarch of United Kingdom, you would be making decisions that are causing controversy among the public in your country. One of them would be her plans to want to enter the politics of her nation, something that is not being very well seen by other experts on the subject, who consider that the eldest son of the deceased Queen isabel II should not be involved in such matters for belonging to the royalty.

In the midst of the scandal that has been caused by rumors of separation and infidelity between the prince william and kate middleton now the full interest that King Carlos III has to delve into politics has arisen.

This has been reported by various media and news portals in the United Kingdom, who have explained in more detail what the monarch wants to do with his image.

Carlos III’s interest in entering politics is so great that he would not mind abandoning his role as King to be able to get involved in more important issues of the administrative and political area of ​​the powerful nation european.

Meanwhile, the King hopes to have a fairly active role in the Brexit, consolidate their position and propose numerous alternatives where their name and image have much more weight when making government decisions.

The political interests that Carlos III could have, they would be based on the need to take control over the food production in their country, which is not large enough for the enormous demand of its population. It has led to a crisis of shortage of some items that had never been in short supply in the supermarkets English.

And you, do you agree that the King Charles III take more political prominence in the UK?