After weeks of rumors linked to the banishment of the prince andrew by his brother King Carlos III, the expulsion of the deceased’s minor child has been made official Queen isabel II because of his pedophilia and sexual abuse scandals.

The new King Carlos III of the United Kingdom it continues to take harsh measures for the sole purpose of trying to clean up the tarnished reputation of the British monarchy. His latest move has been widely applauded, though really, it’s more of a strategy than anything.

Carlos has officially expelled his younger brother, Prince Andrew, who has been greatly affected by the accusations of sexual abuse of minors, which have stained him and an entire elite.

Andrés was involved in the serious trafficking network managed by Epstein Y Maxwell. This case caused enormous controversy worldwide, and it was even stronger when the documentary series was released in which many female victims, who were minors at the time, recounted the gods they experienced on the part of sports figures, the film politics and other elites who are internationally recognized.

The crimes that Prince Andrew committed had been concealed by the Royal family, and it was the Queen herself Isabel II who allowed Andrew to continue to have a place in the Buckingham Palace despite having his title removed. But officially, the King Charles III he has expelled his younger brother from all the privileges he had as part of the monarchy.

Even so, several means affirm that this crucial movement of the new King It is with double intentions, since his gaze would also be set on expelling the Dukes of Sussex, which are made up of his youngest son the prince harry and his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle.