The surprise announcement of King Charles III occurred just after the prince harry shake the monarchy with the revelations made in his book «Spare«For this reason, the King seeks a way to improve the vision that people have towards the royal family.

The monarch has ordered that royal state profits from offshore wind projects go to the British Treasury and not to the crown.

According to the media, King Carlos III’s decision will cause a decrease in the earnings of the royal family and a 25% decrease in the income of royal employees.

The royal family will continue to maintain the budget of the previous year, but the difference is that they will not add the additional ones produced by the offshore wind farms.

It is suspected that this decision by the family is due in large part to anti-monarchy groups, who have been in charge of harshly criticizing the royal lifestyle and the huge budgets necessary to finance them.

This decision of King Charles III is clearly aimed at strengthening the reputation of the royal family, as their reputation has been on the decline since the premiere of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex documentary series on Netflix called “harry and meghan» and from his recent autobiography published on January 10 «Spare»