The coronation of King Charles III this month of May is being planned in detail to prevent the prince harry and Meghan Markle eclipse the entire itinerary established by the Crown, this due to the statements made by the youngest son of King Carlos in his book Spare. Higher palace officials are doing everything they can to prevent Harry and William from being seen together in public during the event.

Invitations for the ceremony at the westminster abbey they will be sent out later this month once the final guest list is confirmed, including Harry and Meghan, as well as foreign and domestic royals, dignitaries and world leaders. The Palace is working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finalize the guest list and send the cards on time.

Once the invitation is received, the prince harry and Meghan they will have to make a quick decision about their attendance. A palace spokesman believes that Harry will make an effort to move to London in the hope of reconciling with his family.

At the palace, a plan much like the one used for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is being devised to ensure there are no awkward encounters with William and Kate. Harry and Meghan’s arrival at the Abbey will take place in the same way as at St Paul’s Cathedral last June, arriving in a private car and sitting on the opposite side of the aisle from the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The arrangement in the corridor is carefully planned to avoid the brothers being photographed together and to avoid any kind of speculation. Attention will be focused on the vertical line of succession, where the princes of Wales and their children will have priority, George, Charlotte and louis.

Every effort is known to be made to ensure that the coronation is a smooth and king-focused event.