The King Carlos II He would be going through one of his most difficult moments in his life, since it is known that he is probably facing a serious health problem and that he may only have a few years to live.

The current monarch has been ill due to the weight he has been carrying since his mother, the Queen Isabel II, passed away, because from that moment all the burden has fallen on him. Another issue that would be seriously complicating his health is his son, the The prince Harrybecause in December 2022 the Prince would have decided together with his wife, Meghan Markle, to bring to light the darkest secrets of the British royal family in the Netflix series «Harry and meghan«.

Almost a month later, the The prince Harry decided to release his autobiography called «Spare» where he continued to reveal the family secrets. However, this time the attacks were stronger and practically no member of royalty was safe from the attacks.

A strong close to the royal family said:

Prince William is keeping a close eye on the health of his father, King Charles III.

William is unable to understand how ruthless and selfish Prince Harry has been with his attitude, even more knowing that his father is not in good health.

This has been the reason why William has assured that if his father dies it would be the fault of Harry Y Meghan for the attacks that have been done to him.

The King Carlos II It seems that he is also worried about his health, since it is known that in the middle of a dinner he had with his children, William and Harry, an argument had started between them and the King Carlos I take this opportunity to tell you something that generated a new fear in your lives.

Have mercy guys, don’t make my last years a complete misery please.

That is why it is believed that the King wants to seek a truce with his children, because he wants to spend his last years of life with his only two heirs, but it seems that a reconciliation is far from becoming a reality.