Since the current head of the monarchy british, the King Charles IIItook possession of the throne, countless controversies have been created for his somewhat different way of governing his mandate in the United Kingdom.

A public event was recently created in the City of Milton Keynes not far from London, in order to ask King Charles III various questions on various topics including his very close coronation, which will take place this May 6 at the westminster abbey.

In the United Kingdom there has always been a very small republican feeling, but it has always been there, and that is that several people from this movement have decided to attend the meeting of the famous monarch, where he would give a speech and answer several questions. With yellow banners that read “#NotMyKing” (You are not my king) the small crowd was noticed at the time of the arrival of the leader of the English royalty.

This republican organization has been gaining strength over the years, activists of this movement have been in charge of slowly increasing the desire to have an election democratic for the next Regent of the United Kingdom.

King Carlos III, as usual, attended the event surrounded by a strong and solid security ring, for which it is believed that he did not even notice the presence of the protesters against him that they were waiting for his arrival there.