After months of speculation that the King Charles III74, would name the The prince Eduardo as the new Duke of Edinburgh, a title vacated by the late The prince PhilipThey say that royalty made a very important decision seeking to honor the deceased Queen Isabel II.

The information revealed by theDaily Email» tells the reasons why King Carlos III was keeping the title, which his younger brother was expected to obtain, but he did not. According to information from the British media. The King Carlos II I make the decision to name the third in the line of succession, the princess charlotte7 years old, the new duchess of Edinburgh.

The media outlet said:

Discussions are underway, but the favorable outcome for the king is that this title should go to Princess Charlotte.

It would be a fitting way to remember the Queen, who of course held the title of Duchess of Edinburgh, and a way for Her Majesty to honor the line of succession.

The daughter of Kate Y William, princes of Welshhe is behind his father and his brother George in the line of succession to the throne.

when the The prince William she was expecting her first child, the parenting rules changed and so they wanted the girl to have the same rights as the boys. In this way, the birth of The prince louis it did not affect Charlotte’s position in the line of succession.

Princess Charlotte’s position is historically significant because she is the first female member of the Royal Family whose place in the line of succession will not be surpassed by her younger brother.

This was stated by the source, since the appointment of Charlotte it is strongly significant in royalty, as the girl could become Queen if her younger brother does not become a father.

Faced with this situation, it has been revealed that the decision made by King Carlos III did not seem correct to the royal family, since they assure that the title could be given to a more renowned member of the family in royalty, but they could not do nothing about it because of the decision made by the new Monarch.