More than once, various celebrities have had the privilege of being able to attend certain real events, from actors, actresses, musicians and entire musical groups. But to get to know the King Charles III and the royal family, the stars had to follow a certain protocol.

Sometimes you don’t have to be part of the British royal family to be required to follow some rules of etiquette, and understanding these issues is important for those who have had access to the king and his family, although many times the rules are not followed for some reason. mistake or simply because they do not comply.

Before she died Queen isabel II, one of the rules said that instead of bowing to all family members, they only had to bow to her, now we have to see if the King Charles III he will continue to have this rule and they just have to bow down to him.

Some of the rules are that, people can approach the King Charles III and his family, but they can’t start a conversation unless members of the royal family do it first. The initial greeting is always a hand extended for a simple handshake. From there, if the royals start to chat with the guests, keep the conversation short and light.

As for the clothes of the guests, it is recommended that they use not very flashy colors, since in the past, the only person who could and should always shine was the Queen isabel II. Today, many of these protocol rules have changed due to his absence, but it is always best to appear in ordinary clothing when appearing before the king.

Finally, one of the most important rules is that guests should not try to take photos with members of the royal family, since royals never take selfies or pose with civilians or celebrities, the images that are published They are always taken by professional photographers and should never be called by nicknames for any reason.