The ostentatious coronation that the King Charles III and that it is not to the full liking of the British people, who have demonstrated against it on several occasions.

The monarch who will soon be crowned, after more than 70 years if the late Elizabeth II is the queen of the town, he will assume the position as the firstborn who follows in order of the heirs of the British Crown, along with his wife the queen consort Camilla Parker.

However, the eccentric arrangements he has prepared for the coronation are upsetting the British people, who have recently come out to protest against him, as they appear on the outskirts of the westminster abbey with banners demonstrating their rejection of King Carlos III.

It seems that the king has prepared a free concert for more than 10 thousand attendees of the British people totally free, an act that even disgusted the the prince Harry and prince william.

In addition to this, King Carlos III was personally in charge of hiring several singers to animate his coronation, and even to interpret the twelve musical pieces that will be played in the middle of the event that will have innovative arrangements.

The displeasure of the attendees occurs because a lot of money is being invested in an event which has been stained with criticism and controversy in recent months, due to recent publications by Prince Harry, and Prince William’s infidelity.