He King Charles III He has had to suspend a traditional trip that he makes every year, but on this occasion he will not be able to make it due to serious health problems.

The monarch who is a few weeks away from living his coronation does not want anything to overshadow his moment, so he has decided to cancel any type of plans that could put his health at risk.

The next May 6th he King Charles III will be crowned in Westminster Abbey, with his wife Queen Camila Parker. Before a large part of his family and those close to him, he will proclaim himself the new monarch of the royal family.

However, to enjoy good health at his coronation, he had to cancel the annual trip he has been making for 45 years toward Klosters, Swiss, with part of his family and his closest friends. On vacation, the King and his family practice sports in the snow, while they take a few days off.

«There are many factors at play, among them, it is a bad appearance to go skiing during the cost of living crisis, and the king is not a very ostentatious person“Explained a close source who also detailed: “It would also be disastrous to have a skiing accident.«.

For now and until the month of May, the King Charles III You must avoid any situation that jeopardizes the day you have waited for so long.