King Charles IIIgreatest sovereign of the British monarchy, and son of the deceased Queen isabel IIhas had to cancel several of his special events due to his upcoming coronation.

The monarch, husband of the queen Camila Parkerwill be crowned next May in the westminster abbey in the company of a large part of his family, who will witness the coronation of the king and his wife the queen consort.

However, to carry out the event without any news, the husband of Camila Parker He has had to give up his most important personal events, because due to his deteriorating health, the king needs a lot of attention and priority at this time.

He King Charles III who has 74 years, for a few months he has presented serious health problems as a result of his advanced age. And although he still has energy to do his favorite sports, on the recommendation of his doctors he has had to cancel the great trip he makes annually to the snow.

The monarch since 45 years annually, and in the first months of the year, he goes with his family and friends to the state of klosterin order to practice skiing, but for now he has been prevented from continuing his annual habit.

A fall or a bad movement that can present the King Charles IIIwould cause the coronation for which he has waited so long not to take place.