The King Charles III He was funny a few weeks ago when he showed his funniest side with a waiter after bumping into him and after the waiter repeatedly apologized to His Majesty, the monarch and those who accompanied him couldn’t help but laugh.

The King Carlos III, In the few months that he has been monarch, he has had all kinds of moments with his workers, supporters and even with people who do not appreciate him, among them are the people who threw eggs at him, when he danced with the refugees in the Hanukkah celebration, among others.

A few days before Christmas, the King Charles III I travel to Mayfair with the queen camilla and visited a local pub, the monarch was also with some of his friends, one of whom told the Daily Mail about the incident, which made His Majesty laugh.

The king and queen were at a party in a bar and a waiter had to bring a huge plate of appetizers from the kitchen, he opened the door with his back to the room so that he could have both hands on the huge plate, but in doing so collided with someone

The informant said that when the waiter turned around he saw that it was the King Carlos III, to which surprised he said:

Sorry King.

Later, the king charles and his companions thought about how funny that moment was and that it was the first time they called him “King”.

It seems that the British monarch could not help but laugh when he heard the waiter address him as “The king” rather “Your Majesty”, like i should have.