He King Charles III of the United Kingdom would have had a strong fight with his eldest son, the prince william because of some details that he plans to change for his coronation and that benefit Camilla Parker. Some members of the royal family believe that these changes

The preparations for the historic coronation of Carlos III how the new King of the United Kingdom, have something in dissatisfaction with their eldest son, who would have quarreled with his father for the way in which he wants to modernize the monarchy.

The King has chosen to change several traditions that he considers Ā«archaicĀ», in order to attract the new generations and thus win over the public with their actions and not with their words.

As for what would have caused his discussion with Prince William, it would be based in part on the free concert that the monarch plans to perform outside the Buckingham Palace, where more than 10 thousand citizens will be able to be inside the real facilities without having to pay anything.

The BBC He stated that there are 10,000 tickets that can already be obtained “for free.” It was reported that each person may have a pair of tickets to attend the concert.

However, several members of the monarchy affirm that this only damages the image of Isabel II, very contrary to having a large public in its facilities and who was known for being quite closed in terms of social issues.

The details that Carlos III has in mind would be a main idea of Camilla Parker, The same that would have suggested to the King to modernize some traditions that a large part of the public could consider as “inappropriate”, given the time in which we find ourselves.

And you, do you agree with the plans that the King Charles III to modernize the British monarchy?