He King Charles III Apparently he cannot find how to proceed and is afraid for the health of his wife, the queen consort Camilla Parker.

The monarch, who will soon be crowned with his current wife, is finalizing the details for his big event, which he has been waiting for a long time, and which will bring together a large number of royals.

But without a doubt, the event could be prevented if the queen’s health worsens, after having been infected with a difficult disease, also taking into account the age of the queen consort.

Less than a week ago, the wife of King Carlos III was diagnosed with the virus Covid-19which is affecting him for the second time despite having completed his full vaccination schedule.

Reason enough to have to maintain a strict quarantine in order to avoid contagion to the closest royals. However, despite the care and recommendations, the British people fear for the health of Queen Consort Camilla Parker due to her age, a fact that could harm her recovery.

It is known that for now, medically the impossible is being done for a speedy recovery from the virus so that the mishap does not directly affect the coronation next May 6th.