He King Charles IIIeldest son of the deceased Queen isabel II He is facing strong attacks from protesters who gather around the monarch’s palace, and this is in addition to the attack suffered by the king when he was booed while eggs were thrown at his physical integrity.

The member of the British crown who will soon be crowned with his wife, the queen consort Camilla Parker on May 6, in recent days it has received strong attacks from the British people, who with banners in hand protest against royalty.

Not only do they meet outside the palace, but they also associate to attend public events where the monarch is present. In recent days, the anti-monarchist association cited in Twitter to hundreds of protesters: «Today we’re off to Milton Keynes to ask the King a few questions. You can join the protest at Cornerstone Christ Church«.

It seems that the people want statements and a public debate by King Carlos III, but as long as it does not happen, the protesters will continue with their polemics towards his integrity, demanding his retirement.

The women and men who held the discussion held up vibrant yellow banners that read “not my king“, while another woman with a drawing of the face of King Carlos III wrote” Not fit for purpose.

A royal expert confirmed that the royal’s low popularity is due to recent attacks by Prince Harry on his controversial revelations.