According to various revelations made by the tarot, the King Charles III of United Kingdom, You will be facing serious health problems and other family problems, which would be massively affecting your quality of life. In addition, the British monarch will continue to be at war with the prince harry and his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle, that the accusations that will be made against the royal family will continue to persist.

The future that goes through Charles III how the new King of the United Kingdom, seems to be anything but stable. His family conflicts will overshadow his reign and also, he will face some health problems that could put his life at risk.

According to the tarot cards, the British monarch will have a very productive but turbulent year, full of internal conflicts in the crown that would cause him a lot of stress and with it several health problems.

The stress of these problems will come mostly from his conflicts with his youngest son, Prince Harry, who has currently caused quite a stir on social media after the release of his memoir. ‘Spare’, where he gives revealing confessions about some of the royal inner secrets.

Despite all these problems, Carlos III and Camilla Parker will make several trips out of the United Kingdom, since the monarch will seek to strengthen his international ties and make himself a much more accessible image towards his people.

The intentions and changes that the King has will be well received by the British public, but they will be exempt from controversy and debate, especially the plans that he could take to counteract the attacks that the Dukes of Sussex.

And you, how do you think this year will be for King Carlos III and for the Royal family british?