He King Charles III He is facing new controversies, quite strong prior to his coronation, due to some letters that he sent to his son’s wife, Meghan Markle.

As the days go by, the coronation of King Carlos III, which will take place on May 6thThis event will be one of the biggest so far in 2023, since it will bring together many important people as guests who will witness the coronation in the front row, also because all the world’s media will have a magnifying glass on the British royal crown to see what could happen there.

He Buckingham Palace was in charge of announcing that the prince harry in the end he will attend his father’s coronation, but without the company of his wife Meghan Marklethe Duchess of Sussex has preferred to stay at home in USA celebrating Prince Archie’s birthday which is the same day as the coronation, but there are rumors that perhaps it could be for a more controversial reason.

In recent days, information has come to light about some letters in which Meghan and her father-in-law King Carlos III sent each other, about some racist comments that the prince archie from the royal house. The Duchess of Sussex Like his son, they would have had controversies with the royal family because they spoke in a derogatory way about her and about the skin color that Prince Harry’s firstborn would inherit, since they mentioned that if he was the same color as his mother, he would not receive the actual title.

In the letters, the person who apparently always tried to exclude Prince Harry’s son was his grandfather himself, in this way he has earned the repudiation of the entire British people for belittling a minor, with a rather outdated matter for this time, how is racism

This would be one of the new and strongest reasons for millions of people to distrust the good coronation carried out by the monarch.