He King Charles III not willing to what Queen isabel II shine at his coronation, so he is forced to break this important royal protocol.

The date of the coronation of the monarch King Carlos III, eldest son of the deceased, is getting closer and closer Queen isabel IIand although it will be a coronation that will respect the traditions of the monarchy, the king wants to avoid looking similar to his mother’s coronation.

The king will be crowned in the westminster abbey next May 6 with his wife, the queen Camila Parkerand as usual they will use a special throne, considered the most valuable element of royalty.

This would be precisely the rule that the monarch wants to break, King Carlos III plans to use a very different throne from previous coronations, completely changing the appearance of the throne that his deceased mother used, as he longs not to be overshadowed by her. In addition, he accepted the rule that allows each monarch to decide to have his own chair.

Among the details it was known that the King Charles III he will be “sitting on a raised dais,” and his wife should remain by his side Camila Parkerbut “at a lower level, as the British tradition designates it.”