He King Charles III of the United Kingdom, is very interested that his grandchildren from his eldest son, the Prince William, They don’t comment on the mistakes he made. He wants them to have as normal a life as possible, and to listen to his heart.

Carlos III wants the little ones Prince George, the princess charlotte and the prince louis “grow up as normal as possible” so that they can’t make “the same mistakes he made.”

This is how he assures it Chandrika Kaul, Professor of Modern History at the University of St Andrews, in the documentary that was broadcast on Saturday, May 20, in Channel 5 on the King’s grandsons, collect the Daily Mail.

“I think King Charles is very interested in his grandchildren not making the mistakes that I think he feels he made, particularly when it came to matters of the heart,” says the professor.

Also, also emphasized in the desires that at the moment the monarch with a view to raising his grandchildren, stating that he wants them to be fully happy and not be subjected to any kind of pressure.

“What she wants is to help her grandchildren to grow up in the most normal way possible and to become more complete human beings who are not afraid of their emotions and who have the confidence to marry whoever they really want, to have a personal life happy, successful and full”, as published by the Daily Mail.

In this way, the King Charles III he does not want his grandchildren to have a past like the one he had, where his marriage to the deceased Princess Diana, It was more of a problem than a virtue, which only caused his image and reputation to fall to the ground.