Everyone had believed that the prince harry and the prince william they had a wonderful relationship, as they always looked very close and smiling, and the fact that they were more or less the same age naturally made them inseparable friends. As the most mentioned members of the royal family, nothing escapes the press.

Apparently, that union was like that until the current wife of Prince Harry entered the royal family, and we are talking about the famous and controversial Meghan Markle, who is accused of being the reason why Harry was removed from the British royal family. Everything indicates that the relationship between the current King Carlos III and his daughter-in-law is not as harmonious as that of other family members.

Such a strained relationship has alienated the brothers, reaching the point of physical violence. Prince William called Meghan Markle”unpleasant» at his London home one night, sparking a fight with his brother, according to Prince Harry’s previously unpublished account in his Netflix series.

Recently, sources close to the royal family assured that during a tense conversation between the princes and their father, the king Charles III, the monarch told them:

Please guys, don’t make my last years a pittance.

Thus seeking to have a quiet reign and away from the media press that always seeks the scandals of the royal family. Despite this request by the King Carlos III, Prince Harry is not making it easy with his Netflix documentary series called “harry and meghan» and with the recent release of his autobiography «Spare«.