In the midst of harsh criticism of the British crown for its inaction in the case of sexual abuse of the Prince Andrew, the King Charles III has reaffirmed its position to expel him and close the doors definitively in the Buckingham Palace. However, what is drawing attention is that the monarch would also want to participate in the investigations corresponding to his case so that he pays in jail.

King Carlos III maintains his position firm and opens another path that would be greatly applauded by the public and the press. He would be actively participating so that his younger brother, Prince Andrew, pays with jail if he is found guilty of the crimes who are accused.

Let’s remember that Andrew was exposed by several women who claimed that the youngest son of the deceased Queen isabel II was involved in the case of a network of trafficking in minors Jeffrey Epstein, a case that went around the world and where it was shown that several members of the elite, including Prince Andrew, were looking for minors to have sex.

The truth of all this is that the British royal family It was seen very dotted for initially not having taken drastic cards towards Andrés. It was after a time when Queen Elizabeth at the time had to strip him of his military titles and other benefits that he had as part of royalty.

But now in the reign of Charles III, The monarch has been tougher, since he has already been definitively expelled from the family and has already closed the doors to the palace.

But in order to continue clearing the name of royalty, he will now be willing to participate in everything related to the Justice so that his brother pays for what he did.