The King Charles III was positioned on the British throne after his mother, the Queen isabel II, He died on September 8, 2022. The son of the late queen, became heir to the throne in 1952, when he was barely 3 years old and his mother took the throne of the British Crown.

The actual King Charles III he has been in the spotlight from an early age, as he is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne. However, another incident that put him in the eye of the hurricane was his problematic relationship with Lady Di, who is the mother of his sons, William and Harry, and with the current queen consort Camilla Parker.

However, before beginning his relationship with the Princess Diana, when he was not yet King, the Prince of Wales I was going through a rebellious phase, which is typical of adolescents, especially members of the royal family, who are forced to comply with strict protocol rules.

During this rebellious phase, then-Prince Charles, then 14 years old, was caught drinking in a Scottish pub, breaking royal protocol and becoming a laughing stock in the royal family. This fact reported byinsiders» took place in the 1960s, when the current King Charles III was at a boarding school in Scotland.

According to cited sources, when the current King Carlos III was in his second year at the boarding school gordonstoun in moray, scotland, He went with some friends to have lunch at the Crown Hotel before watching a movie Stornoway Playhouse and at one point, before lunch, the young heir went to the bar and ordered a cherry brandy, but was caught by a reporter, who made a note with the headline “Prince drinking underage.”