The tense relationship between King Charles III and his brother Andrés has reached a critical point. According to the portal “Daily Mirror”, the king has decided to drastically cut the annual allowance of 249,000 pounds that the prince andrew.

The measure, which will take effect from April, will leave the prince without sufficient resources to maintain the mansion Royal Lodgea place that he has occupied with his children and with Sarah Ferguson for the last 19 years.

The decision of the King Charles III it has been interpreted by some as an attempt to remove his brother from the residence. Apparently, the tension between the two brothers has been worrying for years, and the differences have not been able to be overcome. The reduction in the financial allowance is seen by many as another step in the king’s plan to evict his brother from the mansion.

He Royal Lodge is a property valued at 30 million pounds, located in Windsor and belonging to the royal family. Sarah Ferguson occupies the house when she is in England, which means that she will have to leave it next summer. This situation is delicate for Prince Andrew, who could be homeless in no time.

He prince andrew He would not have been oblivious to the implementation of this measure, since a senior member of royalty would have made a joking comment to him last December. However, the news of his allowance cut has come as a shock to him and his family, who will have to vacate the residence shortly.

The confrontation between King Charles and the Duke of York is a topic that has been the subject of various rumors and speculation over the years. Now, the reduction in Andrés’ financial allowance seems to have raised the tension between them to an unprecedented level.