He King Carlos III, current monarch of United Kingdom, once attacked the renowned fast food chain mcdonald’s, stating that the company only promotes the consumption of foods that are harmful to health and that he would like it to be eradicated from his country.

Although the statements of Carlos III are far from several years ago, social networks have revived his controversial opinion and all the noise generated by what he considers “disastrous”.

How some know, the son of the deceased Queen isabel II He only eats organic food, so in a certain way his strong position against fast food is understood.

The current monarch of United Kingdom he intended to eradicate McDonald’s and other fast food chains from English territory. However, his wishes have not been able to materialize, since the fast food business is very decisive for the local economy.

mcdonald’s responded to the King’s attacks by stating that they have included various healthy food menus for customers. But that in the end, the decision to consume harmful and organic food only remains in the hands of the population and customers.

And you, do you agree with the position that the King Charles III What about fast food chains?