He King Charles III of the United Kingdom, amid rumors of separation between the prince william and kate middleton would have approved the appointments that the future monarch would have at this time with his former lover Rose Hanbury, same that would be again entangled with him for several months ago.

Social networks are still on the lookout for what could happen within the British royal family. And it is that now he does not have a single scandal present, the rumors of infidelity of the Prince of Wales They have gained echo and a lot of attention from the public eye, since he would be repeating what his father did with his late mother, the iconic Princess Diana.

According to various media and reporters, the King would be approving that his son have a lover, and proof of this is what he recently did to stop the media in his country from talking about his son’s scandal.

It’s about the «Super-injection», a measure that powerful media in the United Kingdom can take before the justice to demand that journalistic articles that affect them be eliminated.

He monarch, by the hand of the crown, He would have requested this measure to demand that the media and other newspapers stop publishing news regarding his son’s scandal surrounding his alleged lover.

The international media see this as a clear endorsement of the King for his son, who in the future will be the King of the nation. But in turn, despite his father’s attempt to hide his lack, this has already been spread throughout the world and it is also a story that has existed since the year 2019.

And you, what do you think of the position of the King Charles III around the infidelity of the prince william?