He King Charles III is facing strong controversies that negatively affect his next coronation in the westminster abbey.

Less than three months for the long-awaited coronation event of King Carlos III with the queen consort Camilla Parkerthe monarch continues surrounded by many controversies that provoke criticism from the British people, who do not agree with the coronation of the firstborn of the Queen isabel II.

Although the preparations are ready for the big day, and the logistics of the event are having everything under control and total order for the day, the critics would be those that could turn the expected day into darkness.

First of all, after the negative statements of the prince harry and his wife Meghan Marklethe good reputation of the British crown has been tarnished, which is why several demonstrators have come out to protest against the next king.

They have also criticized the day chosen for the coronation, which would take effect on May 6, the birthday of ArchiePrince Harry’s eldest son, and that would have been chosen to question the prince’s participation in that day.

Another act that would negatively affect his day is the queen consort Camilla Parker who will also be crowned, but for whom the British people do not have much appreciation for being the lover, and the one in charge of ending the relationship between the king and the deceased princess. Diana, who is still lovingly remembered by the public.

In the same way, several of those excluded from the coronation do not agree with the reduction of guests on the big day, for which they have shown a resounding annoyance towards the monarch and those in charge of the coronation.

Although the king hopes that the coronation will be a historic moment in the evolution of the British monarchy, he is well aware that negative judgments against him may be contradictory to the outcome he expects.