The Royal Family has announced all the plans for the coronation of the King Carlos III, which will take place next Saturday May 6th. As announced last night Buckingham Palace, The coronation will be followed by two days of celebrations, which will take place with the pomp that is so characteristic of the British monarchy, and the coronation will not be as low-key as many suspected. The royal couple will arrive at Westminster Abbey on May 6 in a procession from Buckingham Palace.

After the ceremony, the King Charles III will return to Buckingham Palace in a grand procession known as the “coronation procession“, accompanied by other members of the royal family. Upon entering the palace, “King Carlos III and Queen Camilla Parker They will appear on the balcony, accompanied by members of the royal family, to conclude the day’s ceremonies.”

A message from the royal house said:

The coronation ceremony will reflect the role of the monarch today and look to the future, while also burying its roots in long-standing traditions and pomp.

The celebrations will continue in Windsor the following day. A coronation concert will take place on Sunday 7th May on the grounds of the famous castle, hosting today’s stars and musical icons, and can be seen live on the BBC. In addition to the British royal family, the charities with which the palace collaborates will also be present and there will be a thousand invited citizens, who will be chosen through a lottery.

There will also be a grand coronation dinner on the same day, where Brits will gather in streets, parks and squares across the country to share food and enjoy together.

A day later, on Monday May 8, the coronation acts of the King Charles III will conclude with aThe Big Help Out”, an act of solidarity “in honor of the monarch’s public service”, where citizens were invited to take advantage of the holiday for the Coronation of the new King.