The great royal couple, the King Carlos II and Stretcher Parkerare a few months away from starring in what is considered the most important Coronation in England, since there had not been one for more than 70 years, since the last one had been in 1953, where the deceased Queen Isabel II would have taken the throne.

Everything seems to indicate that a huge crisis between the King Carlos and the Queen consort, Stretcher Parker, would be worrying the entire royal family. The crisis would have started with a strong argument between the couple due to the Crown that Camilla wants to use for the Coronation ceremony and now it seems that neither of them wants to continue with the ceremony, which would be a very drastic decision for the world.

It was revealed that the Queen consort has the idea of ​​wearing a crown that was created exclusively for Elizabeth Bows-Lyon in 1937. However, for King Charles this is not a good idea, as it is known to be one of the most important crowns. in the history of the royal family.

Given the rejection received by the King Carlosthe couple had a strong argument and apparently gender that neither of them wanted to continue with one of the most important events of the decade, which will take place on May 6, if they reach an agreement.

The Crown that Camilla wants to wear is not only fundamental in the family, but because of its past it is one of the important ones in history, but it brings certain social problems that it generated in the past.

It is certain that so far there are three countries that are asking for it to be returned to their lands, since they assure that the Crown has to do with its history, the three countries that are asking for it are: Pakistan, India and South Africa.

For this reason, it has been denied Camilla Parker use it at the Coronation, as using it could cause a lot of trouble with the countries that claim it.