The leader of the English monarchy, the King Charles IIIhas been accused of not being able to take the reins within the royal family, and that is that he has been trampled on by his own children, the princes William and Harry.

Currently, the British royal family has been involved in endless controversial for his last actions, and it is not for less, since not only his wife the queen consort Camilla Parker, which has also generated controversy with its demands for the king’s coronation on May 6. But also the shameful situation that his children live, Prince William with the rumors that he has been unfaithful to his current wife Kate Middletonand Prince Harry who has recently made statements about his appalling financial status outside of royalty.

Among many other cases that have been branded by the press as something unacceptable that happens within the most powerful monarchy in Europe, staining the tradition of power in England, many media point to the current king of England as the least apt to exercise sovereignty in the United Kingdom.

Supporting the latter in all situations that are out of control by the Buckingham Palacewhich they also accuse of not being able to even keep secret the things that happen behind closed doors.