Kanye west refuses at all costs to stop being the husband of Kim Kardashian, He even publicly “begged” her to “run back” to him, as thousands of people stared at him.

Kim Kardashian did not know what to say, but now she is furious and did not hesitate to speed up the divorce proceedings so that she could finally step aside, erase the “West” from her name and be legally single.

The story between Kim and Kanye is not over yet, especially since he clings “tooth and nail” to the idea of ​​reconciliation with the mother of his children.

As reported Page Six, Kim Kardashian is puzzled by Kanye’s attitude, especially since he has already turned the page and is living with his current girlfriend, model Vinetria, at their home in Malibu.

“Kim is writing a statement to imply that she is single. He thinks it’s strange that Kanye keeps begging him to come back, when all this time he has been living with his new girlfriend of 22 years in the house in Malibu “

In fact, for the popular socialite and influencer, not even a therapy or couples counseling would make her consider the idea of ​​returning with Kanye, so the controversial rapper should already settle down to reality and accept that Kim Kardashian does not want to return with him.