The model and businesswoman kim kardashianis being strongly criticized by social networks due to some statements she made as a guest of a podcast called “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” Few days ago. Currently, Kim is the mother of 4 small result of her past marriage to the singer Kanye Westthat after being divorced in 2022, the model would keep custody of the 4 children, who would be making her life impossible at the moment, according to her comment.

The model expressed that it has been very difficult for her to raise her children North, Chicago, Saint and PsalmBecause she has to meet different demands from each one of them, Kim Kardashian describes it as totally crazy and sometimes cries herself to sleep, because she can’t stand the stress of being a mother. However, many of her followers criticize her for her words, as she plays the victim of her being a single mother when in reality she does not take full care of her own children.

Her ex-partner, like her followers, criticize her because she poses as a mother with limited resources, when in reality she receives more help than necessary, because with her millions of dollars is in charge of four nannies that they take care of each one of their little ones so she should stop acting like she is an average mother without resources.

Although Kim Kardashian feels that her children drive her crazy at times, she also expressed herself very well about them, commenting that they have been the best chaos that could have happened to her, and she is very happy in the company of all her little ones.