Kiev recognized the authenticity of the list of prisoners on board the downed Il-76

The Ukrainian Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War confirmed that an exchange was planned on January 24, during which Kyiv 65 members of the Armed Forces were to be transferred Ukraine (APU). Strana reports this.

In Kyiv, they admitted that they were indeed preparing to welcome the military men who appeared on the list of passengers of the downed Il-76 in their homeland.

Previously, the Ukrainian side claimed that some of the prisoners on the lists had already been exchanged. However, the publication notes, in the time since the plane crash, these military personnel have not been presented to the public.

January 26, President of Russia Vladimir Putin admittedthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces could mistakenly launch a missile and shoot down an Il-76 military transport aircraft. Putin noted that it is unknown whether the plane was hit on purpose or by accident, “out of thoughtlessness.” At the same time, “it is obvious that they did it,” the president emphasized. The head of state added that the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine was aware that prisoners of war were being taken to the place of the upcoming exchange.

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