It was a short circuit from him. In five minutes, set up in an uncomfortable state, he kicked a goal, but he could not get past the opponent Filip Prebsl.

Liberec stopper Kuchta unblocked and created space for the goal of Olivier Vliegen, who hid it in his gloves. At that moment, Lecho hit the goalkeeper Kuchta in the head with a kick.

Cruel game. Kicking a soupee in the head area with the support of a soccer cleat in a fight, the health and safety of the soupee was threatened, judge Ladislav Szikszay explained.

This has been reported to the disciplinary committee, which will punish Kuchta on Thursday. How, it can be estimated from the disciplinary due. The truth is that anyone who commits rough games as a game will be punished by the destruction of the business for one to six consecutive games, or even a fine of up to fifty thousand crowns.

As Judge Szikszay described the move

A rough game, kicking a soupee in the head area with the support of the soccer ball in the middle of a fight, the health and safety of the soupee was threatened.

If the injured Vliegen had to withdraw from the match due to an injury resulting from a foul, Kucht would face a penalty of two and ten matches, as well as a fine of up to one hundred thousand crowns. However, that did not happen, the Belgian caught the goal in the match.

The maximum punishment for foul play can be imposed for eighteen months, but the foul play would have to cause such an injury to the opponent that it would limit him in the usual way of life for a period of up to seven days, or he would be unable to perform sports activities for a period of up to six days week

I didn’t talk to Kuchta after the rescue and I didn’t see the situation in detail, Sparansk coach Brian Priske noted in the press release. We will probably miss it at some point, which is a problem for us. You have to show up somewhere else.

Kuchta played like a big helper, but he hasn’t shown it in the matches so far, mainly because he doesn’t have the necessary service from his teammates. The level of the young man who needs, in the middle, has to tame high centers and kicks.

In both games against Viking Stavanger, he had one promise of complicity, which he did not fulfill. He also got into the game against Liberec, but missed the goal brilliantly.

Kuchta is the first game in individual Czech history to receive a red card in two consecutive home league matches, which is a rarity.

What about disciplinary d

Anyone who commits foul play as a player and was or should have been excluded from the match according to the rules. 12 of the Rules of Football, will be punished by the destruction of the seductive activity for one to six matches, or a fine of up to 50,000 crowns.

The first last year in December as Slavia, the second as Sparan.

It is equally curious and funny that he didn’t actually serve a day of punishment for being sent off in Ostrava, when he went out from the empty goal with his hand and prevented the home team Banka from reaching the goal.

After his transfer to Russia in January, he started the first match without a penalty, but since Lokomotiv Moscow lost the match and Krasnoyarsk did not file an objection, Kuchta was suspended for one match and was under disciplinary action after his summer transfer to the Czech Republic.

During his run in the Lokomotiv jersey, he bent down against the competition from Soi and was not allowed to play two matches due to a red card. In the last half year, Kuchta has been excluded from the club, not even once.

It won’t be his last fall at the Smv, but he may be at the heart of the Slvist fans.

Looking at similar expressions, it can be expected that Kuchta will receive at least a passing stop from the disciplinarian.

Another player, Ladislav Krej Mlad, was not allowed to play in those matches, when in December 2020 he elbowed Pardubice’s Solil in the head for using foul language, who did not finish the match at Sparta.

In the fall of 2018, he was not allowed to play for Ostrava’s Milan Baro, and he also had to pay a fine of 150,000 crowns for a foul on Tome Souk’s celebration, which he hit in the head with a forearm during a jump. he received a punishment for inappropriate behavior after being expelled, in addition to previous fines.

Nine years ago, then Sparansk forward Leonard Kweuke, who broke the leg of Mladá Boleslav defender Radek Dosoudil with a single kick, received the highest penalty in Djinn. The Cameroonian striker was suspended for 12 minutes by the disciplinarian. He carried the punishment to the Turkish league, where he quickly transferred.