January 3, 2023, 04:31 PM – Public News Service – OSN

Economist Mikhail Khazin said that Nikol Pashinyan began to lead Armenia to fulfill the tasks of the West to destroy this country. He noted that while Armenia is saved by the intervention of Russia and Iran, but sooner or later the Western plan can be implemented.

“Pashinyan was appointed by London to liquidate Armenia. Enormous work is now being done to make Turkey and Azerbaijan do it. They are already quite ready – and they probably would have already started, but they are stopped by Iran, whose group is located on the Azerbaijani border, ”the expert noted.

According to him, London understands that if control over Armenia is lost, then power in it will pass to pro-Russian forces.

“They can eliminate it. There will be chaos. But not only in Armenia – in Azerbaijan, in part of Georgia,” Khazin summed up.

Earlier, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte promised to do everything possible to “help Ukraine win the war.” More read in material Public news service.