do you think kendall jenner Do you think that your social status means that you are not bound by the rules?

kendall jenner she was spotted earlier this week leaving her luxury car in a handicap parking spot on her way to the gym. The model, who did not have a parking pass, was seen parking her silver Land Rover in a handicapped space on Sunday before heading to West Hollywood to work out for an hour.

Released pictures show the star leaving the celebrity gym Hot Pilates. she arrived in her Land Rover Defender state-of-the-art (which costs about $99,000), you walk into the gym, get back in the car an hour later, and drive away.

There was no clear sign on her car allowing her to park in a reserved space near most public entrances for easy access, since all 50 states make it illegal to park in a handicap spot without a permit. Under California state law, drivers who violate such rules can often face hefty fines of up to $1,000, and violators can have their vehicles towed and their licenses revoked.

kendall jenner she was accompanied by a man, she wore a white sleeveless shirt, black leggings, tennis shoes, designer sunglasses and a sweater that she carried on her shoulders, she also carried a designer drawstring duffel bag.

This is not the first time that Jenner she is caught parking in a handicap spot for her own convenience, as her habit has drawn criticism from fans and critics on social media. Earlier this year, in February, kendall jenner and her close friend hailey bieber they went viral with tweets from angry users, many of whom were believed to be disabled, expressing their disgust for the wealthy and anger at the boorish behavior of wealthy celebrities.

back then, Kendall she was caught not once, but twice, parking her beautiful gray Mercedes van in a legally reserved handicap space.

Photos of her cheeky behavior have generated comments from users calling her ‘disrespectful’ and ‘privileged’.