January 6, 2023, 07:42 – Public News Service – OSN

Kazakhstan unable to make deliveries oil around the territory Russia. This is reported by Izvestia.

“Last year, the leadership of Kazakhstan has repeatedly spoken out in favor of finding alternative routes for the supply of its oil. In general, oilmen from Kazakhstan do not have profitable alternatives to transit through Russian territory,” the article says.

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And it is emphasized that, as a result, Astana will need many years to find new ways of supply.

Formerly Public News Service wrotethat the representative of the company from China and the Minister of Mining and Oil of Afghanistan Shahabuddin Delawar signed an agreement according to which the Chinese company receives the right to exploit oil fields located in northern Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s stops their work in Kazakhstan. Information about this appeared on the official website of the Food Solutions KZ company managing the establishments. The reason was the restrictions imposed on the supply of products.