Katya IOWA and Nila Mania together with the St. Petersburg choir “Lira” presented a Christmas single and a video for the song “Let the pain go away”.

As conceived by the performers, the song is a reminder of the opportunity to dream and create together, of the joy of co-creation, which brings us closer to the higher, relieves of fear and fills life with meaning.

– This song was written in one of the most difficult periods of life, – admitted Nila Mania. – Then it seemed to me that I had no future, and there was only pain and despair ahead. I thought that dreams would never come true, I considered myself an accident, a failure and a mistake. The first lines came to me in one breath. And the further I wrote the text, the more joy woke up inside. There is something special in this song that I would like to convey to every person on planet Earth. You are not alone.

Katya IOWA said that she first heard this song while watching the Instagram feed, and immediately imagined how it could sound with the choir.

– Everyone who came into contact with the song – both we and the guys from the choir – received answers to their questions, – said the singer. – I liked that all members of the choir grew up in it, and now each has its own history and profession. Among them are a physicist, doctors, teachers, designers, filmmaker, civil engineer, specialist in working with children with autism, accountant. These are the voices of the people for the people and the embodiment of all of Russia. They say that in besieged Leningrad, Shostakovich’s seventh symphony helped its residents cope with the most terrible events, switching from the physical to the spiritual, and I believe in this.