Yes OK Olivia rodrigo you are only in the first year of your successful career, Katy Perry it already has many years of history to tell. This difference was cited by the singer of “Smile” in a recent interview with the website Out .

Katy Perry was a reference for Olivia Rodrigo. In the song “Brutal“, Part of the album”SOUR“, sings: “Where is my fucking teenage dream?“… It is a clear reference to”Teenage dream”, Katy’s iconic album released in 2010.

Are things nostalgic? He knows?He joked.

It feels like yesterday, especially when people say, ‘Oh my gosh, I used to listen to you when I was a kid and they look like grown-ups.’”He snapped.

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In the end, he ended up seeing the side positive! It’s like your music has gained a second life.

That means the song still resonates. That means the message still rings true to people. It’s fun! It is wonderful to have that brandKaty Perry said.

In other related news, Katy Perry took fans by surprise this Wednesday, December 15, when she announced her new single “When i’m gone”, In partnership with Alesso. On Instagram, the pop diva shared a teaser where you can hear a fragment of the song with images that appear to be from the video.

The premiere takes place on December 29. Black-haired and full of attitude, the singer appears inside a phone booth talking to Alesso on the other end of the line. And everything indicates that our star will deliver the pop we love so much with an electronic rhythm.

Don’t worry friends! Let’s play together on December 29, because ‘When I’m Gone’ will arrive with Alesso”He wrote, making a mystery. In the same subtitle, it still promises a surprise for January 10.

And mark your calendars on January 10, I’ll give you whatever the KC wants“.