The chosen one of Garik Kharlamov clearly demonstrated her readiness to become a mother.

A few days ago, the actress posted on her social networks a small video from a holiday hosted by one of her pregnant friends. Familiar Kovalchuk will become a mother from day to day and arranged a kind of bachelorette party on this occasion.

During the party, the heroine of the celebration performed an original ritual. She threw a pack of diapers into the crowd of friends. Katerina turned out to be the most nimble, deftly catching the “main prize”. It was this moment that she published on her page, transparently hinting to subscribers that she was not opposed to having a baby.

“I wanted to catch a wedding bouquet, but diapers are also okay,” the actress noted ironically.

Thus, Kovalchuk immediately hinted at two of her desires. Firstly, the star is not against a marriage proposal. Secondly, she wants to become a mother. Whether Garik Kharlamov is ready for such a turn of events is unknown.

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