“I like to fight, but these are probably not anti-candidates, it is a matter of putting together a team that will really work, because the Czech Republic is not in good shape and the KSČM is obviously missing in the Chamber of Deputies,” Konečná told reporters. She said that huge billions in arms spending were being approved in the House, but that it did not help the people. “We have 40 percent of people on the brink of poverty, no one is dealing with huge increases in energy and food prices. These are all topics that the KSČM has dealt with before, “said Konečná.

According to her, the party will now prepare not only for the presidential election, but especially for the European and regional elections that the Czech Republic is waiting for in 2024. “how we would like to return the dignified place to the Czech Republic, how it should stop becoming a puppet of some powers, how we should do sovereign politics,” said Konečná.

She stated that the KSČM wants to focus on the right to work and decent housing. “Two things that are absolutely missing. We have the right to work, but the ridiculous salaries that citizens receive for working are simply really ridiculous, “said Konečná. According to her, the KSČM also wants to increase the minimum wage to at least 20,000 crowns.

“These are current steps that we are calling on the government to take. We will hold demonstrations and shout very loudly that this government of the Czech Republic, unlike all the governments around us, is not doing anything for the citizens of the Czech Republic, “said Konečná.

The Communists have been in opposition to the Czech political scene since 1989. In the last election period, however, they supported the minority government of the YES movement and the Social Democrats on the basis of an agreement on tolerance, which they concluded with the YES movement. In the autumn elections, however, the KSČM won 3.6 percent, and deputies had to vacate the offices in Malá Strana.