He prince william and Kate Middleton have been the subject of a new controversy in the media after their appearance at the awards BAFTA. Despite the fact that the royal couple tried to present a strong and united image, the cameras captured an awkward moment in which the prince seemed to completely ignore his wife.

According to reports, the prince william and Kate Middleton They have been facing difficulties in their relationship due to rumors of the prince’s infidelity with his lover, Rose Hanbury. This scandal has put great pressure on the royal couple, who have strived to maintain a positive and united public image.

However, at the BAFTAs, tensions seemed to be at an all-time high, when William ignored Kate and she decided to turn her back on him. The gesture was captured on cameras and became a topic of discussion on social media and the media.

Although the reasons behind the apparent slight are unknown, some speculate that the strain on the couple’s relationship over the alleged infidelity may have been the cause.

Whatever the reason, this incident has only increased speculation and concern about William and Kate Middleton.