Kate Middletoncurrent Princess of Wales and wife of prince williamhas become one of the most popular people in the British crown after he was crowned the King Charles IIIand that she will immediately become the new successor who will form an essential part of the United Kingdom together with her husband.

However, for her, things cannot be very calm as she imagines, because recently her public appearances at social events have put the monarchy in trouble, and have somewhat tarnished the popularity of King Carlos III, a fact that would not be very nice for him and his wife, Camilla Parker.

The Duchess of Cambridge constantly you are attending social events that promote charitable actions for good purposes for the communitybut this has apparently turned negative because it hints to royal critics that King Charles is doing”overshadowed or shadowed» by his daughter-in-law, who is stealing the main headlines and the prominence of the monarch from all the media in the world.

An event like this occurred recently when the monarchs attended a flower show in Chelsea, and apparently by mistake the princess also attended, totally disconcerting the public and focusing their eyes on her and clearly on her outfit. On this occasion, the main news in the media had Kate Middleton on the cover and not King Charles and Camilla Parker, a fact that would make the monarch very upset.

While right now the focus is required to be on the monarchs, it would be nice if the Duchess, who brings a significant focus to the monarchy, could also attract the attention of all the fans, but it would be somewhat contradictory for the new reign of the monarchs.