Kate Middleton He had an adorable moment when a girl approached him to ask what it felt like to be British royalty in the Chelsea Flower Show. The princess did not hesitate to answer the question of the little girl and she reveals what she likes the most about her work as part of royalty and told her the one thing she should not do.

The Princess of Wales made a surprise appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday, where she met several children, and shared a tender and pleasant moment with them, he even told the children that as part of the royal family, you have to work very hard and that it is not as everyone believes.

Kate Middleton, attended the venue radiant and very elegant, where the media that were documenting the event organized by the Royal Horticultural Societyfocused the cameras to record once again the good sense of fashion of the Princess of Wales.

The mother of three children demonstrated her natural ability to communicate with the little ones, when she joined the first children’s picnic of the event, where she shared the adorable moment when a girl asked him what it felt like to be part of the British crown, where he explained to all the minors the great responsibility he had as a member of the monarchy.

Another child asked her what it was like to be a princessto which Kate replied: “It takes a lot of effort because of the responsibilities, but the best part is that I can know kids like you.”