The Princess from Wales Kate Middleton, would be confirming the rumors of infidelity and separation that have plagued her marriage with the Prince William, since it is speculated that she will not attend accompanied by the future King of United Kingdom, despite the fact that logistics had said that both would attend together.

Today the prestigious Bafta Awards, the most important film awards in the United Kingdom, will be held. And where as planned, the princes of wales they would be attending

However, now it is said that Kate will attend alone and without the Prince’s company, since according to rumors, her break with the future king if it is true and they no longer share together.

It is for this reason that numerous media and news portals worldwide are waiting for what may happen today in the Baftas, where rest all the hopes that the princes stay together or not

The media coverage that the rumors of their breakup have generated is so great, that they have already stolen the prominence of what is celebrated at the awards: The cinema.

Meanwhile, several fashion portals they were claiming that Kate already chose the dress she will wear today. However, they failed to get any information regarding what Prince William would be choosing to wear, something that further ignited the rumors of her non-attendance.

And you, what do you think will happen today at the Bafta Awards regarding the rumors of separation between Kate Middleton and the prince william?