The Princess of Wales kate middleton Would you feel safer working when you are not with your husband on Prince William. This has been stated by several experts amid the rumors of separation that currently exists between the couple, who are legitimately the future kings of the United Kingdom.

In the midst of the scandal that has been generated by the alleged infidelity that Prince William would have committed, a body language expert has analyzed the behavior of the current Wale’s princess and the results have surprised many.

According to the expert in the area, Middleton feels much safer when she is not next to the son of Charles III. And not only that, she is also more sociable when she is not with her husband.

Some Internet users say that these behaviors are quite reasonable, since being by the side of the father of her three children, she could feel a lot of pressure knowing that William is the future King of the United Kingdom, and she the future Queen consort, of not separating, of course.

The truth of the case is that Kate Middleton also confessed less than a month ago, that William was no longer detail-oriented with her, and that she did not expect any details from him for the day of Valentine’s Day.

And you, what do you think about the behavior of Kate Middleton when he is not next to prince william?