After the rumors of infidelity of the prince william and a divorce spoken on social networks, it is already being discussed who is going to stay with the children and, according to experts, Kate Middleton she would fight to the end to keep the children.

According to various entertainment media LondonPrince William’s marital situation with his wife Kate Middleton would be getting worse every day, and it is that some sources say that the royal couple would already be talking about who is going to stay with their children.

A difficult position for the Duchess of Wales, since she will not be able to exercise influence with his royal title, his opponent on the other hand, is nothing more than the successor to the throne of England, Prince William, for which reason they stipulate an arduous fight on the part of the Duchess in this regard, and it is that lately the entire royal family has encountered many controversies in various aspects of their lives, since not only It is William and his brother, also his father, King Carlos III.

The informants of various websites that haunt the Buckingham Palace They have reported that there have been numerous discussions between Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, and this is added to the alleged infidelity that William had with Rose Hanburythey assure that the divorce of the couple of the nobility could perhaps be closer than what is believed.